lunes, 11 de agosto de 2014

Dangerous Missions: Origin V0.6 is out!

What's new:

  •  2 Full new missions.
  •  2 new H scenes.
  •  12 new CG's.
  •  New maps accessible.
  •  Slight main plot advances.
  •  Combat rebalancing.
  •  Debug Miss V is back.
  •  Misc bug busting and map tinkering.

 Please share any thoughts or feedback!

You can get it here.

6 comentarios:

  1. Hey, I just finished your 0.6 demo and wanted to say I really enjoyed where this game is going!

    The in-combat molestation/rape system is very fun, and the scenes are quite well written too. The artwork is amazing, great job doing that. :)

    You posted a template a few weeks ago asking for suggestions. I’ve filled it in here for you:

    A ghost town with a large haunted mansion in the center of it.

    Ghosts that possess you, forcing you to masturbate yourself to orgasm.
    Demons that use magical attacks on you to make you horny, put you to sleep, maybe even a 2-3 turn charged attack that turns off your armour completely.
    If you want some humourous enemies too you could add a vampire who has lost his fangs. He simply sucks at your breasts/neck instead, trying to turn you on.

    -Situations / Scenarios-
    You arrive in the town to find it completely empty and overgrown with weeds. It’s really dark and creepy. You take a few steps in and something slaps your ass. You turn around, but can’t see what did it. After you walk in a bit further something gropes your breasts and pulls your bra up, embarassing you. Finally something invisible begins sliding down your panties and rubbing your pussy before you power up your armour and see the ghost. The battle then begins.

    -Kinks / Fetishes you'd like included-
    You’ve done an extremely good job so far, and I’m pretty much in favour of every fetish except guro/scat/underage. The ones I really enjoy are:
    Mind control
    Light bondage
    In-battle rape attacks

    Keep up the great work!


  2. Thanks for the suggestions! I might take some of those ideas :3 And don't worry, I don't plan any guro, scat or underage stuff.

  3. this saddens me but the link is dead rip link you will be missed

  4. can anyone post another link for the download?