jueves, 31 de julio de 2014

Dangerous Missions Origin v0.4 is out!

You can get it here.

What's new:
-Two full missions from the Guild.
 -Two new H-Scenes (10 new CG's between the two.)
 -Light changes in some skills.
 -Some map tinkering.
 -Several glitches fixed.
 -A little proofreading in some text.
 -Other small changes.

 What to expect in 0.5:
 -All five normal missions from the Guild fully available.
 -A whole new area.
 -New H-Attacks.
 -New H-Scenes.
 -New NPC's.
 -More Town houses available.
 -More map fixing (There is some half baked stuff in 0.4, like the Inn's roof.)
 -More proofreading.

 As always, enjoy, try, and give me your feedback.

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